Balanced Digital Leadership  

Photo by Helena Lopes

Balanced Leader incl. additional qualification Digital Leadership – further education for managers

Continuous changes in the world of work bring with them increasing demands on managers. In addition to shared leadership, agile leadership methods and balanced (self-)leadership are often in demand.

Leaders not only need important leadership knowledge about their leadership role and leadership style. Responsible leadership also requires Agile leadership competencies and self-leadership skills such as self-management, self-direction and self-care.

With our advanced training for (aspiring) leaders, you will develop your leadership skills in all areas. 

Agile leadership methods for managers

In the agile world of work, new leadership skills are in demand. Our leadership training enables you to explore your agile leadership role and unlock previously undiscovered potential.

Find out what current leadership trends are all about and get to know agile management, shared leadership or leadership at a distance as well as diversity leadership and leadership in the generation mix.

We will show you Agile leadership methods and support you in developing your own leadership style.

Leadership training: Leading and motivating employees

Even today, managers and employees are often exposed to increased and permanent stress. In order to meet these professional challenges, conscious, mindful and responsible (self-)leadership is important.

Balanced Leadership helps managers and employees to establish a good balance between external control and self-determination. As a seminar participant, you will learn valuable techniques for self-direction, self-care and self-management.

We also show (aspiring) leaders various methods to promote interest, motivation and participation among their employees.

Digital Leadership 

Digital media and tools are more and more finding their way into leadership situations. This calls for new leadership skills. In order to efficiently organise digital cooperation in your company, we will bring you up to speed in terms of digital leadership.

Discover various digital leadership skills and strengthen your (online) communication and (digital) collaboration. By expanding your digital know-how and repertoire of methods, you will be able to better meet digital responsibilities in the future.

In this seminar, you will discover your digital leadership skills and strengths and come a significant step closer to your Digital Leadership Personality.