Recruiting for companies

The search for personnel on the internet is becoming more and more complex. Gone are the days when companies could find qualified specialists through newspaper advertisements. Instead, the internet has established itself as one of the most important recruiting channels.

Find staff with us that really suits you

Like the engine in your vehicle, your employees are what keep your company going. Finding personnel in today’s job market presents many entrepreneurs with a difficult task that, in addition to the amount of work involved, can hardly be mastered. Under these conditions, acquiring excellent employees who not only perform well but are also passionate about your job requires the support of an expert. Thanks to our many years of experience on the job market and our personnel coaching, in which we specifically address the needs and wishes of employees, we have developed strategies and ways to determine in advance whether an applicant fits your company and the related activities. Our range of services includes applicant acquisition, evaluation and analysis of the application documents as well as a detailed assessment of the applicant’s suitability and competence. So you can be sure that you will only receive the staff that really suits you and your company.

Paths are created by walking them.
Franz Kafka, writer

Looking for specialists internationally

You will not necessarily find specialists where you need and are looking for yourself. The experts who can support you in your projects and in your company are often far away, or even abroad. is your expert when it comes to the international recruitment of specialists such as IT specialists, engineers or architects. Through a wide and extensive network of international companies and contacts, we have the opportunity to easily, quickly and reliably acquire the personnel you need.

Foreign specialists often already master basic or advanced knowledge of German, so that they can be integrated directly and without further delay into your business process. Of course, we offer training for our new employees who need language support, so that you can concentrate fully on your work.

Don’t miss out on new orders because you don’t have the right staff. We help you quickly and reliably to fill vacancies with the best possible staff.

Paths are created by walking them.
Franz Kafka, writer

The challenges in recruiting

The search for personnel – especially for specialists and thus suitable personnel for your company – is becoming increasingly difficult in Germany. Good staff is already out of print and is difficult to recruit with suitable benefits or an above-average salary.

There is now intense competition for workers between companies.

Nevertheless, it is important not only to fill a job for your company with a temporary solution, but to find the best possible applicant for you.

The search for personnel is made even more difficult by the technological change. Previously, advertising in a newspaper was sufficient; today, candidates still want to be addressed via social media and career portals. Those who do not follow these trends will find it difficult to find their dream candidates. Through new channels such as social recruiting or mobile recruiting on Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn, we reach applicants that you haven’t even thought of today.

Finding suitable applicants, testing the applicants for suitability for use in your company and checking evidence and qualifications takes time that you as an entrepreneur can use better or not have at all.

JobChanger.International is your recruiter for suitable staff.

Paths are created by walking them.
Franz Kafka, writer

The advantages of external recruiting

In a preliminary discussion with you, we determine which requirements and experiences an employee has to bring in order to successfully integrate into your company image and to participate in the success of your company with joy at work.

Thanks to our experience in job coaching, in which we specifically train applicants and career changers on the job market, we know exactly what requirements current applicants bring with them.

Through job advertisements and other marketing measures, we ensure the sufficient number of applicants and let us send all the necessary documents, including the necessary evidence and qualifications, for the preliminary examination.


This enables us to categorize and sort out applicants using standardized tests before the interview.

We present all applicants with advantages and disadvantages in the form of a report, so that you can objectively and with the expertise of an expert, assess which applicants should be invited to an interview.

Of course, we also accompany you during the interviews or carry them out for you, so that we only provide you with qualified staff who are suitable for your job requirements.