The decisive factor is not only what you want to achieve in your career,
but also how and by what means to accomplish it!

Career opportunities as a career switcher – how it works.

Would you like to work in a completely different profession because you have determined that it is time to change jobs? Are you currently too busy with your current activities or are you no longer having fun? Then it’s time to make changes to your professional environment.

Even if it sounds difficult or impossible to work in another profession: As a career switcher, many doors are open to you to start another job so you can organize everyday work with less stress and more fun.

It is important to clarify which path to your dream job as a career switcher is necessary. How do I get necessary training and qualifications, where can I find them and what support can I count on.

Our coaching prepares you as a career switcher optimally for a new job. With our tests and questions, we analyze exactly for which professional areas you are suitable and with which funding options you can master your way – for example, as part of a retraining.

Together with you, we develop a roadmap to change your professional perspective and support you in reaching your goals as a career switcher.

In addition, through our activities in personnel recruitment for companies, we have the opportunity to place many participants in new jobs during coaching.

It’s never too late to be what could have been.

George Elliot

Coaching helps to create clarity

Older people, those with low qualifications, young people without a professional qualification, people with disabilities and health restrictions, long-term unemployed, people with little knowledge of German, people with a migration background, foreigners, returners after parental or care leave – i.e. people with (multiple) obstacles to placement often don’t succeed in entering the first job market, or only at short notice. Perhaps the job or the job no longer suits the living situation and a new orientation is pending.

These developments and starting points make job coaching a central component of successful job placement.

There are many reasons to develop in your professional career. Many workers can no longer find themselves in the profession that they once learned. There are multiple reasons for that. However, your starting point for the change you want is often important. These can be as different as they are simple. In many cases, people with a migration background no longer have the opportunity to practice their existing original profession and must be accommodated in another professional area. The job is not needed in Germany or the qualifications are not sufficient to find a suitable job on the job market. New ways have to be created, taking into account the personal skills and abilities of each person. Qualified help in the form of coaching and applicant advice often provides the basis for creating new perspectives.

But also striving for another, more suitable job, moves people to change their job or to take new professional paths. A renewed training is often not necessary, since opportunities and further training measures have also been created for career switchers.

Often, however, it has been a long time since your last job the last job. You are a single parent or you have not taken up employment for private reasons such as illness. There are many reasons. You may also no longer be able to work in your profession and need to reinvent your career.

However, the path here is often not easy because there is no clear assessment and a leading hand that paves the way for a new job. In our coaching we show you your personal strengths and weaknesses and support you in planning your personal professional path.

Our job coaches will revise or create your application documents, including adequate application photos, and train you to acquire potential training, work and internship positions by contacting potential employers personally and by telephone. Through our activities for companies, we are well prepared for all current and necessary requirements.

Paths are created by walking them.

Franz Kafka

Health as the basis for changing jobs

Everyday work is stressful – with many situations you are simply overwhelmed. Many employees and self-employed are no longer able to cope with the pressure to perform. This is not surprising, because in times of e-mails, smartphones and other digital contact options, you are not only constantly available for friends and family, but also for customers and employers.

The result is often mental or physical illness, which can have long-lasting consequences for you. It is important to escape the stress of everyday life before you have to worry about correcting dealing with the consequences.

The health consequences are often diverse and should not be underestimated.

It is not without reason that world-famous agency: magazines such as report on reasons why it is time to quit your job and break new ground. 

Professional job coaching advises employers and job seekers in all professional situations and industries. We not only show you which options for changing jobs are considered for you. Together with you, we will analyze the reasons that have led to your current situation and how you can escape them in the future through a new job or another profession. You are not alone in this. Even managers or executives are in a situation where they can no longer get on with their jobs on their own and have to rely on help and support from experts.

A firm resolution is the most important instrument for success.

Lord Chesterfield

Your new job with AVGS-MAT voucher

Finding a job when you haven’t been on the job market for a long time presents many searchers with an impossible task.

How do I apply and, above all, in which professional field do I see my future. There are many questions to be answered that a job seeker who has not been confronted with for a long.

Our job coaching remedies and, through extensive help, support and classification of your skills, ensure that your educational opportunities improve.

By working with partner companies and possible internships, new experience can be gained in other occupations.

The AVGS-MAT voucher (“activation and placement voucher”) is your way into a new professional future.

Coaching is even more interesting for you with the AVGS-MAT voucher – further training voucher from the employment agency:

You do not have any costs at all, because the costs are 100 % covered by the employment agency.

The voucher can be issued by both the employment agency and your job center and is therefore available for unemployment benefits 1 and 2 recipients.

So you don’t have to worry about how your coaching for your new job remains affordable.

This means that coaching can also be used by anyone who currently has little or no financial resources.

In addition, you can also apply for an AVGS-MAT voucher if you are currently looking for a job but do not receive any benefits.

If you have any questions about how to get an AVGS-MAT voucher from the employment agency, simply contact us or book a free consultation with our coaches.