Professional future can be planned


Career development doesn’t have to be left to chance. 

Are you about to change your career and do not know what to expect?

We plan your professional future together and work out an individual strategy

for your advancement.


Changes determine our lives – also at work

Our daily demands on our lives are changing – our ideas of what our careers and everyday life should look like are also developing. It is therefore not surprising that many experienced workers change jobs several times in the course of their working lives. But nowadays even academics are faced with decisions in their personal professional development that can only be made as good as possible with competent advice and professional analysis of their own skills and the current job market. Regardless of whether you are aiming for a professional reorientation or a separation from your previous employer – it is time to make important decisions. is your expert when it comes to the question of which professional development best suits your personality traits, values ​​and skills. Our experienced career coaches work with you to analyse your chances and goals, optimize your application and your self-presentation, build your professional network and prepare you for video interviews. Also ask us about the strategies for creating your digital personality on professionally relevant online platforms.

To see clearly, changing one’s perspective is often enough.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Individual outplacement Reorientation – your way out of the professional crisis

Our goal is to ensure that your career does not stall, even if you are about to leave your previous employer. That is why we work with you to find your new professional target position that is in line with your own potential. We accompany you in your search for new professional alternatives, sharpen your profile and develop your personal implementation plan to achieve your professional and private goals. We help you quickly and reliably to experience and use a career change as a personal opportunity. We support you both in the search for vacancies and in the search on the hidden job market. The outplacement coaching takes place between 4 to 12 months, if desired, and only ends with your successful repositioning or business start-up.
If desired, a three-month onboarding coaching can help you to establish yourself in your new job and to feel safe.